CoreFit365 looks at your entire fitness journey, incorporating nutrition as an integral part of this. Your body needs the right fuel to be able to turn it into the energy you need to exercise and feel energised. It may seem trivial, but having the right fuel will help you in not only achieving your fitness goals but making you feel better in the long run. CoreFit365 will help to develop a personal plan for you, giving you the best chance to reach your goals and desires.

Personal Training

Core Fit 365 is focused on tailor making each individual personal training client a specific plan just for them. From exercise to diet and nutrition, we guide you through every aspect of adopting a new plan, and help it to forge you fitter future self!


It sounds obvious, but exercise forms an integral part of any personal training. What makes Core Fit 365 different, is that we understand what exercise works best for you. We'll take you through an exercise journey, developing and enhancing you and your body over time, making a real difference.


Personal training isn't just putting you through your paces in the gym. Another Core Fit 365 difference is we give you real life nutritional advice that you can put into practice. A healthy diet is one of the keys to unlock the lifestyle and body you want, so let Core Fit 365 help you on your way.

making change

When you join Core Fit 365 on your journey, we will focus on making small changes to your lifestyle that will help your overall well-being. With exercise, nutrition and lifestyle all taken into account, Core Fit 365 will give you real, accessible targets to help you achieve your goals, and push you to where you want to be.

Featured class

Are you ready for a total body workout that is really good fun? Join me for one of my Les Mills Bodypump classes, as we aim to crank up the volume and have a great group workout for all involved! Based in Winchester River Park, it’s the perfect excuse to come and have some sweaty fun!


“Tunde is not only an incredible PT and class instructor, training with Tunde feels like training with a friend. As someone who would’ve been previously too scared to go to the gym alone, Tunde has motivated me with an amazing training plan, and motivates me in BodyPump and Spinning to reach my fitness goals!”


“I moved to Winchester in 2018 having lived all my life in London where I was helped by numerous personal trainers the last of whom stayed for about 15 years.

On moving to Winchester I looked for a new trainer who would visit me at home. Before finding one I suffered a life threatening heart  illness and I first met Tunde shortly after leaving hospital. At our first meeting I was impressed at the efforts she had made to learn about my health issues. She accepted me as a client with, I think, some trepidation but my recovery has continued and I am most grateful for her help, encouragement and expert knowledge.”

John V



winchester based personal training and group classes...

Headed by Tunde, an energetic and enthusiastic personal trainer, CoreFit 365 aims to create a perfect, balanced and energising fitness plan tailored to you. We look at all aspects of your journey, whether you are just starting out, or looking to push towards something more. All packages are tailored to you, and we look at all aspects of your health and diet, giving you a plan and support that grows with you.

We run a variety of classes at River Park Leisure Centre in Winchester, so why not come and join us for a great fun, group workout for all stages of fitness!